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Everybody needs a second chance.


Do you remember when you were the beneficiary of a second chance?

Perhaps it was when someone reached out to you while you were in need, hurting or broken. Perhaps it was when you received a new job, restored a friendship or came back from a failure. Regardless of the circumstances, each of us has at least once received a chance to start over again. Through the One Heart Project, you have an opportunity to help provide a second chance to those in the greatest need of one.


Individual, private, public and community partnerships with the One Heart Project will be essential to transforming individual lives of at-risk youth. The active involvement of individuals, communities, companies and non-profit organizations will make the difference for this forgotten population of juvenile offenders. Mentors, trainers and volunteers will extend compassion in a safe, non-threatening environment and witness true transformation will take place. All that is needed is a caring heart. | ENGAGE |


Prior to the release of the One Heart movie, a network of One Heart affiliates is being established to facilitate volunteers from within existing networks of organizations who are being mobilized to impact the lives of youth. Along with this network the movie will activate millions of theater goers from across America. One Heart is taking advantage of technology to rapidly deploy content and training as well as matching the needs of at-risk communities with game-changing resources such as smartphone apps, curriculum and an integrated web site.




Want to change a school?


You can provide One Heart program resources to local schools in your community. Not only can you underwrite the curricular programs, you can also work alongside teachers in the deployment of this life-changing program that runs throughout the school year. The relationships built with local school administrators, teachers and students will open doors for many other opportunities to impact to them in a variety of ways. | ENGAGE |


Want to change a community?


You can help deploy One Heart redirection programs not only on school campuses, but also in after school outlets and juvenile facilities in your community. You will be able to impact not only youth, but their parents/caregivers as well. Through One Heart’s U-Turn program, lives of youth in the probation system are being dramatically changed, as are the lives of the adults who care for them. You can adopt a school or a juvenile facility in your area where One Heart programs can be deployed. You can be trained and certified to facilitate One Heart sessions and train youth and adults in the basic principles of life. Your people can also lead community service projects with these students, as they learn to respect and give back to others. You can also work with existing One Heart Project community partnerss by sending volunteers and leaders who can assist those leading the program. | ENGAGE |


Want to change an individual life?


You can be a mentor to a young person without a positive male role model. One Heart and our partners will provide training to prepare you to impact a young male, by spending as little as one hour per month building relationship and demonstrating a positive example. Tragically, many of these young men say they may never have a visitor during a two or three year stay in prison. You can change that. If you own or run a business, you can provide a job or internship for a youth who has been released from a correctional facility, and help mentor them as they earn a respectable living. You can also provide career shadowing opportunities for those in the probation system, where they shadow you at your job for a two to three hour period on one occasion. | ENGAGE |


Want to transform the culture?

You can help build or open a One Heart reentry residential facility in your area. From funding, to house parents, to operations, you are needed to help make this one-of-a-kind life-changing facility a reality. You can also provide services to the boys housed at this facility, such as curriculum delivery and training in character, etiquette, financial management, academic assistance and counseling. Or you can come and teach job skills in your area of expertise, or provide the boys with transportation assistance. In any capacity, you will be a part of transforming the lives of a number of kids and providing them a true second chance. | ENGAGE |



Along with all of the materials and training, the One Heart Project offers a variety of items that support the One Heart Project. You are invited to utilize as many or as few as desired. In addition, the One Heart Project team will provide ongoing support to all partners on an as-need basis. Please feel free to contact us at any time.




To become a One Heart partner click here. Then sign up. A One Heart team member will connect with you to get you started. Then we’ll assist you with tools to help you serve, and mobilize others at your place of work, community group or organization to get involved, as well.