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"There are a million doctors, actors, models, scientists on the streets right now, they just need someone to show them the way." - Mack White




One Heart Effect

For the first time I was exposed to hope and people who really cared about me. I don’t think I would have ever seen the age of 21 if it had not been for One Heart.”
– Mack White


MackBorn into a broken home, Mack grew up on the streets of Houston, Texas. He witnessed his first murder at age 12, then found himself in and out of abusive foster homes, before joining a gang at 15. He was soon convicted of two counts of aggravated robbery and sentenced to three years at the maximum security juvenile prison in Gainesville, Texas. Mack was part of the 2008 Gainesville-Faith game, where, for the first time, he felt there were people who cared for him unconditionally. Upon his release from Gainesville, Mack was contacted by members of the One Heart movie team, who invited him to live in their home and become part of their family. Over the next year Mack’s life radically changed. He signed a modeling contract, appeared in a movie, secured a job, and moved into his own apartment in 2010.



This Job was my way out. If it was not for the hope the One Heart team gave me I know I would still be in the struggle.” – David Armas


David>David Armas grew up on the streets of Houston, Texas. He rarely saw his father and had no male role model in his life. As a pre-teen, David became involved with an organized gang. With no guidance, David began to work his way up the gang hierarchy. He was arrested and convicted of two counts of aggravated robbery, and served four years in a maximum security juvenile prison in Giddings, Texas. Upon his release, David wanted a better life. However, with two felony convictions, it was nearly impossible for him to find work. Through the One Heart Project David was introduced to a restaurant executive who hired him as a kitchen worker. Due to his great work ethic and engaging personality, David quickly moved up to higher positions. David attends college and has become a successful mixed martial arts fighter. Burdened by a desire to help others, David also co-founded a non-profit organization with the mission of helping kids like him get off the streets.