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Project initiatives

The two initial One Heart Project initiatives are:
1) a national redirection initiative, and 2) a national reentry initiative.

Redirection Initiative

The redirection initiative is centered on delivery of a standardized curriculum for youth in public schools, after school outlets, juvenile justice programs, and others. The program is designed to equip them with the knowledge and skills to allow for better decision-making, in order to redirect their lives in a more positive direction, with the incorporation of tools to provide for the greatest opportunity to succeed. The program includes the following elements:


  • Character Development Program
  • Career development/shadowing experiences
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Rewards/Incentives
  • Scholarships
  • Vision screening/Eyewear

Reentry Initiative

The reentry initiative is focused on delivery of a standardized curriculum, in a residential environment, for adjudicated youth who have been released from juvenile justice facilities. This program is designed to provide these youth with the necessary tools and skills to allow them to transition back into society with the greatest opportunity to succeed. The residential facility will be operated by One Heart Project partners, and will include House Parents who live on-site to oversee activities. Youth will apply/qualify for inclusion into the program, which entails a 6 to 12 month stay for participants. The program includes the following elements:


  • Life Skills training
  • Character Development training
  • Job Skills training
  • Financial Skills training
  • Etiquette training
  • Job Connections
  • GED assistance
  • Transportation assistance