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"There are a million doctors, actors, models, scientists on the streets right now, they just need someone to show them the way." - Mack White





Project Overview

The One Heart Project is an activation campaign, attached to the theatrical release of the One Heart movie, with the purpose of mobilizing individuals and organizations across America to participate in a movement to impact incarcerated and at-risk youth through two initiatives: 1) a standardized redirection initiative, and 2) a standardized reentry initiative.



The One Heart Project is a nonprofit public charity that operates under the provision of the Heart of a Champion Foundation (a 501(c) 3 tax exempt organzation), which serves as the umbrella organization overseeing the activation campaign. The One Heart Project will coordinate a national network of partners and the public in the collaborative effort.



Campaign pre-activation and training now underway with individuals, service providers and non-profit organizations.


Campaign’s full activation will take place upon release of the One Heart movie, coming soon.


Target Population

Incarcerated and at-risk youth in the U.S., ages 13-19, in public schools, after school outlets and juvenile justice facilities.